HI! I’m Lisa!

A friend once told me that art isn’t art unless it makes you feel something. For me, that is so true of photography and videography. Waay more than just great photos and killer editing, my priority is you. Your day. Your love. I want to give you images that capture your moments, video that evoke emotions.

Celebrating your passion and empowering your love.

Every aspect of myself and my work is guided by the True Light, my first muse, Jesus.

Tell me your goals and share your story, let’s create some blissful magic together. I love this journey for us.

Let's coffee & chill

Your big-hearted never too cool for school sidekick

(Authentic aged look achieved on this polaroid by small grubby hands in post production.)

LISA - Photographer / Videographer, Editor, your point of contact when contacting The Light.

JAKE - Videographer, spouse af, ALL the things that make things run smoothly on the day.

Serving Brisbane & beyond, The Light Photo + Film is a LOVERS owned studio for the dreamers