By this stage you’ve combed my website, read a few blog posts, a few reviews, seen what we create and you reckon we might be a match made in heaven...YAY!! I am so thrilled  thrilled!

What's next?

We want to know how best to serve you.

We want to support you and offer guidance wherever you need it.

But we also want to do everything we can do to help your day be everything you want.

Photo and video that will make you nostalgic from the first time you see them is a given. 

Long story short - we want to give you the best experience possible!

Why our process is more than one step

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Let's get chatting!

Based on your how you want your day to go, we’ll work collaboratively to hand craft the perfect day for you. Need help with timeline? We got you. Not sure what you want to include in your day? Use us as your sounding board. 

If you ever have any questions, just drop me some inbox love and we’ll get brainstorming! No stress whatsoever. 

3 - Time for some planning & inspo

I will then send you through all the official things, contract, invoice, and a cute little questionnaire to get the ball rolling.

To secure your photography date and booking, I’ll require a 30% deposit and a signed contract after which your date is blocked away.

The remaining balance is due 3 weeks before your elopement/wedding.

2 - Let’s make it official!

Contact me!!

Let’s dive into your vision so we can discuss the who/ what/ why/ when/ where.

I can make sure I have your date free, you can have a browse of our packages, we can have a chat, you can decide if we are the right team for you - all of the good things that 

You can contact me here.

Once we’ve got 100% clarity on your goals, we can make it official. Easy!

1 - Let’s chat about what you want from your day


The truth is, neither am I! Most people hate being in front of the camera, let alone when a ‘stranger’ is holding it...But do you know when I am in my most comfortable element? When I have a camera in hand and taking your photos, so let me take charge!

It is my mission to make you feel comfortable, and trust me when I say the rest of the day just falls into place from there.

We are not there to create an illusion, we are there to capture YOU. And to do that you need to feel free to be yourself, if that means we need to grab a coffee or a beer and have a chat beforehand, I am down!

I'm DEFINITELY not my most natural self infront of the camera

Yes, it is my goal to use my experience for your benefit! From our very first chat you better believe I will be taking notes and doing everything I can do to hone the perfect vibe for your day.

After all, we are capturing your day, your love, you. I want to keep it as authentic as I can, and if you’re not sure where to choose, let me know and we can do some location scouting together.

can you help us with the LOGISTICS of the day?

I sure do! I have three amazing packages for you to choose from and we can add whatever extras and additions you would like to make sure your day is absolutely perfectly captured for you!

do you offer custom packages?

Our elopement packages start at $1260.

how much are your packages?

I’m based in Brissie but happy to travel anywhere for you! Just let me know where and I’ll be there.

Where are you based?  Do you travel?


Does that sound good to you?

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